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Dog Ear Publishing is very pleased to release our new web based Author Project System! This system allows authors to review the production and sales data on their projects, and is accessed via the web at the following address:

To access this system you will need two things:

1) Username - which is usually your email address with the "@" replaced by "_" (an underscore)

2) Password - this is a uniquely generated password here at Dog Ear

If you are an active Dog Ear Publishing author, you should have received an email with both of these items included. If you did not - or if you have lost the email - please contact us and we'll send you your login and password.

Here is an overview of the system - each section is outlined below, with links to the appropriate explanation page.


To log in you will need a Username and a Password. Both are assigned by Dog Ear.If you are an existing Dog Ear Publishing author, to view your account and project information, you MUST log in via the "Returning Authors" section, using your previously registered (or assigned) Username and Password.

If you already have a project in process or completed at Dog Ear - Do NOT create a new user account - contact us if you do not have your Username and Password.


Once you have logged in to the system, the first section lists the various titles you have with Dog Ear Publishing.

A navigational menu is in the green vertical bar on the Author Home page (and all subpages). This menu will allow you to click to the various sections of the system.

Project Links:

Links in this section let you View Projects or Register A New Project

- View Projects - return to the Author Home (the above screen) to view all your projects

- Register A New Project - create a new project (one that is not yet submitted to Dog Ear)

Account Links:

This section provides links for managing your account details here at Dog Ear.

- Contact Details - view and modify the name, address, phone and email information we have on file
- Bank / BIlling / Tax Inf - view and modify the banking information (for direct deposit), credit card information (for billing purposes), and tax information (for IRS purposes) we have on file
- Invoices - view both paid and open invoices, pay any open invoices
- Author Profit Payments - view checks sent for author profit


To access the Production and Sales status for your book, click the button labeled "VIEW" to the right of the project title.

This button will take you to a page where you can review the current status of your project within our production department, or if your book is complete, the sales on your book.

Click here to access help for the Project Status system.

Click here to access help for the Sales Status system.

This is an evolving system - so please don't hesitate to ask questions or send us your comments!

The Dog Ear Publishing Author Team