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Book Trailer: $999

Marketing-savvy authors are well aware that success in the market is directly related to their ability to create awareness for their book and build demand. A new weapon in authors’ marketing arsenal is the use of video to promote books. Let readers get an amazing introduction and preview by presenting them the opportunity to see and hear a video book trailer.

View an example of one of our book video trailers:

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What made you select the most recent book you read? Was it looking at the cover? Something another reader recommended? Maybe a ‘best-seller’ list?

Self-published books are often wonderful secrets just waiting to be discovered – and what better way to help readers discover your book than through the medium of video. It’s a classic twist on the ‘movie from a book’ concept – but one which you will use to build greater book sales.

Our book trailers are exciting, focused, one minute plus videos that show your potential reader the storyline. Our goal is to get a reader hooked with exciting audio and imagery.

Our video book trailer service will help you reach new readers with the following features:

  • Full production of a custom video trailer of approximately 60 to 90 seconds
  • Genre-appropriate music throughout
  • Imagery including complex effects such as lighting effects, visual effects and motion graphics – utilizing additional imagery beyond your book cover image
  • Book trailer distribution services to a wide range of video sites, including YouTube, Metacafe, DailyMotion, and
  • Set up of title / author / purchase location with appropriate meta-data on each site
  • Creation of keywords and search terms to generate traffic from search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo
  • Incorporation of your video on the homepage of your Dog Ear Publishing author web site (if purchased)
  • Incorporation of your video on the homepage of your Dog Ear Publishing author web site (if purchased)
  • Web streaming capability and high-quality video downloads

Video Book Trailer FAQ

What about revisions?

Revisions follow the print model – all errors that are the result of our production processes will be made at no charge. Author alterations will be billed on an hourly basis. One round of basic alterations is included. Basic changes that are included in one round of alterations for your video trailer include:

  • Simple text changes (adding or removing words)
  • Changes in font choice, size, or color
  • Corrections or additions to book and author information
  • Changes to audio levels
  • Changes to text-only backgrounds such as color

“Expanded” or cost-based changes – starting at $150 and billed per-hour after the first:

  • image choice / effects / amount or part displayed
  • song choices

What about ownership?

As with all Dog Ear products, you will own all rights to your video trailer – with the exception of licensed product.

Ways that many authors are using video book trailers

  • Author’s website – drawing in consumers to purchase books
  • Social media websites to create awareness and drive traffic
  • Viral email campaigns
  • As part of your digital media kit / media release
  • Previews of your book to potential book clubs
  • Continuous loop video promotion on screens in bookstores
  • As an emailed video presentation to retail buyers

Can I supply my own pictures, footage and/or music?

Maybe – but not usually. Image and music quality are incredibly important in creating video for the web. Typically we prefer to control these variables here at Dog Ear. However, exceptions can be made – speak with your author services representative. Please be aware that occasionally when we work with external resources it can actually take additional time to produce your video trailer – this may translate into additional cost for the author. You will also need to verify that you have the appropriate copyright releases to utilize any material that you did not specifically create. Material downloaded from the internet or from other sources may not be used without a signed declaration of copyright release.

What happens to my video once it is complete?

Dog Ear Publishing has a highly developed strategy when it comes to distributing your video. While literally hundreds of sites exist on which video might be distributed, we utilize the largest and most efficient. Every video receives SEO for the location on which it is posted - this will enhance the likelihood that your video (and thereby your book) will show up prominently in search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Please note that very long or highly complex books, such as cookbooks and textbooks, present challenges that may require additional fees.

If you have questions about the suitability of your book as an book video trailer, or questions about book trailer cost.

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