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Storefront Website: $344

This package includes securing a domain name of your choice (assuming, of course, that the name is available - domain / hosting fees will apply.)

The ultimate in targeted, effective, and non-stop book marketing - and ONLY available at Dog Ear Publishing.

Question: How can I increase the profit from the sale of my book?

Maximize Your Profits By Selling Direct.

Usually, an author only utilizes traditional means of selling their book via online and brick and mortar bookstores. At Dog Ear Publishing, we propose that you should consider every and all opportunities to sell your book.

As a result, we have created a system that maximizes your profits by allowing you to sell directly to your customers. We call it "Open For Business." We build a full service website that enables your customer to buy directly from you. In addition to another chance for you to sell books, it is also extremely profitable.

Here is an example. An author writes a 250 page paperback.

Our cost to print this book is $6.28.

Let's say that the author wants a retail price of $14.95

There is a transaction processing fee of 5% of the order total = $0.75

There is a handling fee of $2.00

So, if sold through the author's "Open For Business" website the profit would be $5.92.

Now that makes perfect sense and is exactly the kind of out of the box idea that can only come from Dog Ear Publishing.

What do I get?

Our Open for Business web site includes the following elements:

  • The ability to process credit card payments
  • Set-up of your domain name
  • Monthly Reporting of store orders
  • "Buy Now" button on your Dog Ear Publishing book page

Reasons to try the Open for Business web site:

  1. Significantly increased profit
    Very little money is required to get your program up and running - and you can stop at any time. Each sale through your site is nearly 100% more profitable than through a retail outlet or distributor.
  2. Control over retail pricing
    You may offer a discount on your product at your discretion via a coupon code - even running a "sale" on your book if you wish.
  3. Closer contact to your customers
    No other format of distribution offers the level of contact with your customers that owning your own store allows. You can get immediate feedback about your book.

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