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The Dog Ear Experience

The professionals at Dog Ear Publishing are experts at bringing your book to market, helping you navigate the self-publishing process, and launching your book as quickly as possible. All while adhering to the highest professional publishing standards.

There are three steps involved in being as successful as possible in your self-publishing journey:


Editing is at the heart of creating great content. There is no substitute. Use our editorial services to improve your work. Dog Ear Publishing has for many years provided editorial services to most of the “traditional” publishing houses. There are certain “standard” editorial processes each and every book undergoes when we do this work for a traditional publisher. These processes include proofreading, copyediting, and/or development editing. The quality of editing performed on any given manuscript is frequently the difference between a professionally published book and one that just screams 'self-published'. One is received well in the marketplace, while the other is all too often written off.


Review our publishing packages -- or create your own and call us to sign up! All of our packages include unique, custom interior and cover design, ISBN, LCCN, barcode, full distribution and 5 complimentary books.


Get the word out about your book! We have marketing resources to help. We offer high-powered, aggressive book marketing programs and tools to get you the best exposure for your book.