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PPC Marketing Campaign: $595

The ultimate in targeted, effective, and non-stop book marketing - and ONLY available at Dog Ear Publishing.

How did you find Dog Ear Publishing?

If you are like most of our clients, you typed some search term into a Search Engine - and violá, up we popped... but most likely NOT in the main body, but off to the right... in a sponsored ad we created using Search Engine Marketing strategies.

That little piece of marketing (which probably was very inexpensive) provided us with a customer - YOU!

Search Engine Marketing - also known as Pay-Per-Click - is the most targeted way to attract interest and sales to your book. And it's unbelievably cost effective.

What do I get?

Our Search Marketing program includes the following elements:

  • Research of up to 250 Search Terms
  • Development of Search Campaign strategy, including budget
  • Set-up of your Search Marketing / Pay Per Click Campaign
  • Creation of up to 20 unique Search Campaign ads
  • Weekly Reporting of Campaign effectiveness
  • Expanded content on your Dog Ear Publishing page and your web site (if applicable).

What is Search Marketing / Pay Per Click?

Every time a search term is entered into a search engine like Google, Yahoo, or Bing, a list of relevant content is created for the user by the search engine. We harness the power of the search engine companies so that each time a term that is considered relevant to the content of your book is searched for, your book's information will appear on the Search Results page. The information usually includes the title of your book, a brief description, and a clickable link to your page - where the book can be ordered.

The position your information occupies is relative to the amount you are willing to pay - usually a very low sum, often as little as 10 cents or less.

However, it is only only when the user clicks on the link to your book that you get charged your "bid" amount. You are NOT charged for just the "display" of your information (called "page views").

We help you determine a "budget" for your monthly Search Marketing Campaign - this can be as little or as much as you like. We can provide feedback on the "right" number.

Does Search Marketing / Pay-Per-Click work?

Absolutely - you found us, didn't you? Search Marketing / PPC campaigns have become the most popular and effective methods of promoting products and services over the web.

Reasons to try Search Marketing / Pay-Per-Click:

  1. Minimal Risk
    Very little money is required to get your program up and running - and you can stop at any time. You also control exactly how much you spend - it can be as little as $10.00!
  2. Targeted Traffic
    Your information appears when a user searches for phrase that we have set up as relevant to your book. For example - If your book is about cooking for teens, and we set up "cooking for teens" as a relevant phrase, every time someone searches for "cooking for teens" your book information is  displayed. This is a very simple example, because there are also hundreds of iterations on this seemingly simple search. The point is that your book is displayed IMMEDIATELY when someone is searching for your exact topic.
  3. Measurable Results
    No other format of advertising offers the measurement ability of Search Marketing. We know exactly who is coming to look at your book - and we offer lots of tracking options. Our reports will help you identify whether or not someone who clicked on your information actually bought a book.

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