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Editorial Services:

Literary Critique - Cost: $0.005/word ($250 minimum)

One of our senior editors reviews your manuscript and provides feedback that enables you to update your work. You gain the confidence that your book rises to the quality standard of traditionally published works. This editor builds an outline that analyzes your writing skills in several ways, and gives suggestions and feedback to help make your manuscript better.

The editor provides recommendations that tell you how much editing your manuscript requires. Does it need only a few changes from you? Does it need the attention of a proofreader, copyeditor, or development editor?

Any criticism given by the editor is constructive. Our objective is the same as yours: to create the best possible manuscript. Remember, editors’ recommendations are based on editors’ opinions and expertise. You may use or ignore what they tell you. We believe that every author’s work should reflect the author’s ideas and decisions, not the decisions of our editors. Based on the editor’s suggestions and your decisions, you may choose additional services that, when utilized, mark your work as truly professional. Control of content is yours. At Dog Ear Publishing, you, the author, always get the last word!

Dog Ear recommends a literary critique if you have doubts or questions about any part of your story—plot, story arc, dialogue, character development—or about your technical writing abilities or how well the book will sell, for example.

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