Dog Ear Publishing


Expedited Service:  $500

When it absolutely needs to get done quickly - the fastest way to a great book.

Included in the Expedited service:

  • Both paperback and hardcover books, black-and-white or color.
  • B&W books delivered to press in 30 business days or less, color books in 60 days or less.


  • May be applied to either the Basic or Professional publishing packages.
  • Editorially clean manuscript - only one set of proofs can be submitted to maintain the schedule.
  • All materials must be received before the expedited program begins. Please review our checklist.
  • Some restrictions apply - please see full program details here.

Shipping and handling charges apply to books.

Some complex manuscripts, such as children's books, cookbooks, poetry and textbooks, present design challenges that we may not be able to be accommodate under an expedited schedule.

If you have questions about your manuscript's requirements, or which service is best for your book, please call us at 1-866-823-9613.

(Last Updated July 24)