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Book Marketing Services

As a leading provider of publishing services to authors, we offer a wide variety of book marketing and promotions resources. Your work will need exposure and publicity to succeed - and EVERY book has a niche or market in which it will excel. Once you define your niche and work on your book’s marketing plan, it should become clear what combination of marketing services would most benefit and complement your broader efforts.

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Web Marketing

Custom Website $343 - $695 A book without a website is a book without a voice. Book marketing is integrally tied to the web - it's how everyone searches for information. For your book to succeed you must have a website as part of your book marketing efforts. Open for Business Shopping Cart $343 With the Open for Business Shopping Cart, you get a domain name of your choice, process credit card payments, get monthly reporting of store orders, and also get a "Buy Now" button on your Dog Ear Publishing book page. Amazon Optimization Program $299 The Amazon Optimization Program maximizes product details, categories, keywords, and associations with related products so readers can more easily discover your book and authorship through Amazon and its affiliated platforms. Social Media Launch $599 Facebook and Twitter make it easier than ever before to share a message with a large group of people, and do so without a massive marketing budget. Dog Ear Publishing wants you to be a social media standout. Let us show you how. Facebook Management (Advertising & Content) $2,699 Advertising on Facebook has become a core component of most authors' marketing plan. Get one-on-one setup and management with an expert, up to $400 in Facebook advertising budget, complete content strategy, and more. Facebook Advertising $399 Get your online presence off the ground and generating book sales on Facebook. Dog Ear will help you craft specific advertisements for your Facebook author page, and curate content that is catchy, original, and unique to your style. Amazon Marketing Services $299 Amazon Marketing Services is a highly targeted, cost-effective means to drive traffic and sales for your book on Amazon. Target products, keywords, and book categories with expertly conceived sponsored/product display ads. Video Book Trailers $999 A popular new weapon in an authors' marketing arsenal is the use of video trailers to promote their books. Let readers get an amazing introduction and preview by presenting them the opportunity to see and hear a video book trailer. Online Retailer Preview $99 Major online retailers try to create as much of a bookstore experience as possible. This includes a potential customer’s ability to browse a selection of pages from within a book. Amazon’s program is called "Search Inside the Book". Search Engine Marketing $595 Dog Ear harnesses the power of companies like Google, Yahoo and Bing so that each time a term that is considered relevant to the content of your book is searched for, your book's information will appear on the Search Results page.

Traditional Marketing

NetGalley $499 NetGalley is an outlet that can generate dozens of reviews in a single campaign. This makes it an ideal solution for authors that want to jump-start reviews for their books, but don’t want to limit themselves to the singular opinion. Book Expo Fanfare $1,999 The Book Expo Fanfare positions your book in high-traffic booths at every major industry tradeshow (up to 5 shows), exposing it to the trade worldwide! Attract booksellers, librarians, agents, entertainment professionals, and more. Book Reviews Combo $1,999 Dog Ear's Book Reviews Combo! Getting positive reviews from reputable sources is a major way to increase your chance of discovery by retail buyers, entertainment industry insiders, literary agents and most importantly - readers. Kirkus Reviews Program $425 Kirkus Reviews has been one of the most trusted and authoritative voices in book discovery since 1933. If reviews from outlets that matter are tough for you to get, Dog Ear's Kirkus Reviews Program might be the ticket just for you. BlueInk Review Program $495 BlueInk is the gold standard in reviews of self-published work. BlueInk reviews are appraisals, written by professionals drawn largely from mainstream media outlets or editors who have worked at well-respected publishing houses. Targeted Press Release Campaign starting from $299 This campaign is an extremely effective way to announce the availability of your book. The Press Release is distributed through an online news service accessed by over 4800 media targets, 1400 online database targets, and 200 critics. Promo Materials (Business Cards, Postcards...) Varied Pricing In self publishing, awareness and marketing are critical components of generating sales. We have a variety of Promotional Materials available to help support your marketing efforts, increase awareness of your book, and boost your sales. The Radio TV Interview Report (RTIR) $400 As a leading provider of publishing services, Dog Ear is thrilled to offer marketing solutions that increase media interest in and bolster brand awareness for our authors. The Radio TV Interview Report is a perfect medium for that. Book Returns Policy $499 Give bookstores the best opportunity to stock your book by offering a returnability option. Identify your book as 'Returnable' in the Ingram Title Database. This means that a bookstore is able to return unsold copies of your book.

Media Formats

Our staff at Dog Ear Publishing is always looking ahead for new and unique services that will benefit our authors. If you’ve seen a tool or service offered elsewhere, but don’t see this offering through Dog Ear –! It’s quite possible we can meet your needs or direct you to a vendor that can.