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The Masterpiece service provides a comprehensive set of publishing tools combined with a highly aggressive marketing program to unlock the true potential of your creative endeavor. Total design customization with access to design professionals lets you build the book of your dreams. Comprehensive marketing tools, promotional materials, and a custom web site with shopping cart & blog feature, and a Search Engine Marketing Campaign brings "big publisher" exposure at self-publishing prices.

This program is designed for authors who want to fully explore the marketability of their books.

The Masterpiece program includes all the services in the Basic, Professional and Professional Plus packages plus much, much more:

  • NEW

    - Addition of Dual Format (release of BOTH paperback and hardcover product)

    - Addition of NetGalley Review Service

    - Addition of KOBO e-book format

    - Increase of INCLUDED edited words from 53,000 to 75,000 (additional words still charged at a $0.03 per-word editing fee)

    - UPGRADED the editing level to a Literary Edit

  • Amazon Optimization

    - The Amazon Optimization Program combines three powerful Amazon affiliated platforms to maximize the ease in which new readers can discover your book and authorship.

  • Paperback AND Hardcover format. Release of your book in both print formats

  • 10 free paperback books and 5 hardcover books

  • Placement of up to 100 interior images (supplied by the author)

  • Unique, completely custom, interior and cover design (if you require illustration services, please contact your representative for pricing)

  • Your own Author Representative who provides support throughout the publishing process

  • Book and author web page within the Dog Ear web site

  • Registration with all major online booksellers and national distributors

  • Registration with Books in Print database providing worldwide availability

  • Assignment of International Standard Book Number (ISBN)

  • Library of Congress control number registration. US Copyright information on the copyright page (to learn more about copyright, click here)

  • Consultation with a Dog Ear Publishing design professional

  • Professional copyediting at our Literary Edit level for up to 53,000 words (words above 53,000 charged at a $0.03 per-word editing fee)

  • Cover copywriting to optimize the content of your back cover

  • Aggressive Marketing Campaign that includes:

    • Media Release created by our copywriting staff and distributed via our online partners

    • Custom Website Development
      Custom SEO Web site including WordPress Blog Feature, fully optimized for Google, Yahoo, Bing and more!

      View Website Gallery
    • Author Store Shopping Cart
      To process orders and payments, dramatically increasing the profitability of your book. See more here

    • Choose between a PPC Marketing Campaign OR Social Media Marketing Campaign
      The PPC campaign includes up to 250 search terms and 5 ad categories to direct search engine visitors to your store front or site.

      The Social Media campaign includes the custom set up and integration of Facebook and Twitter with your site, and scheduled blog posts to drive Facebook and Twitter traffic

    • NetGalley Review Service

      There are several ways for an author to solicit reviews for their newest work. Dog Ear Publishing is proud to present a unique platform to generate additional reviews and awareness for our authors called NetGalley. NetGalley is a unique subscription service geared to professional readers – librarians, book reviewers, publishers, editors, literary agents, booksellers, media, bloggers, and educators. The service makes your title available for one month of exposure to these NetGalley subscribers (100,000+ subscribers). Subscribers are permitted to view a digital format of the book for review, upon request. Activity and contact info for subscribers requesting copies for review is sent in weekly reports over the one month exhibition period.

    • Email Marketing Campaign
      Dog Ear will design and distribute an email marketing campaign to your list of up to 1,000 email addresses

  • Inclusion in Google Book Search program

Shipping and handling charges apply to books.

Some highly complex manuscripts, such as children's books, cookbooks, poetry and textbooks present design challenges that may require custom services.

*Extremely lengthy or complex manuscripts may require additional editing fees.

**Order and credit card processing fees apply and average 5% for each Open for Business Shopping Cart sale. Dog Ear fulfillment services are available for an additional charge.

***Search Marketing Campaigns incur a monthly cost to be determined prior to activation based on author's desired budget. Dog Ear will credit and launch the account with $50.

If you have questions about your manuscript's requirements, or which service is best for your book.

To Order The Masterpiece Package:

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  • Video Trailers - Spread excitement for your book through the medium of video.
  • Returns Policy - Give bookstores the greatest possible opportunity to stock your book.
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