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What is Google Book Search and why is it important to a self published author?

Google Book Search is a program created by the world's most popular search engine Google. This online book marketing program helps authors and publishers get their books in front of the eyes of potential purchasers by presenting a limited number of book pages to users accessing the Google Book Search search engine.

Google Book Search analyzes the content of your book and 'matches' user searches with the content of your book. Google Book Search then sends the reader to your book via a page hosted by Google Book Search. You, as the author, retain ALL rights to your product - the Google Book Search program in no way dilutes your copyright or any other rights you may hold.

Google Book Search is a sure-fire way to deliver more traffic to your web site and more sales of your book. It should not be confused with the Google Play book publishing platform; Google Play sells e-books that are device-independent though any book represented in the Google Play book publishing platform will also be part of the Google Book Search database.

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What can Google Book Search do for me?

Google Book Search creates new ways for potential readers to find your book - by harnessing the incredible power of the Google search engine. Even books on incredibly niche topics benefit from this amazing system. The Google engine reviews and indexes all the text in your book. A user conducts a search on either Google or Google Book Search by entering a search phrase. If the search phrase appears anywhere within the text of your book, your title will be listed in the search results. This will also lead readers to your e-book, should you have taken advantage of the Google Play book publishing options presented by Dog Ear Publishing. Being a Google Books partner means we have access and information on the best possible practices for developing the Google book store version of your book.

Google Book Search gives readers the opportunity to browse a small portion of your book - When Google connects the search phrase from a user to the content in your book, the user is presented with the opportunity to browse a few pages as a preview. Dog Ear normally recommends this be set at a limit of 20% of your title - this is also the standard preview percentage we set when submitting our authors' books. As a Google Books partner, we list all of our titles in the search database (unless instructed otherwise by the author).

Google Book Search shows readers where to buy your book - Dog Ear Publishing is a member of the Google Book Search Partner Program, and we add a link to all book queries linking readers with a site to purchase your book—if you have a shopping cart it will be to your cart, otherwise it will be to the Dog Ear site or another retailer of your choice. Our default settings are first to your author site, second to our site, and thirdly to Amazon or other online retailer. Also, as above, if you have an e-book for sale through Google Play and the book publishing platform, it will also show this version.

Google Book Search lets you find new ways to sell books and earn income from your book - Discover all sorts of ways to sell more books. Create sites, campaigns, ads and many other sort of online strategies that can help you get your book the greatest possible awareness. All of these strategies can then direct your potential reader to purchase your book either in print from your website, or via the Google book store on Google Play. We feel strongly that all of our books should be available through the Google book publishing platform, and we develop e-books that are fully compatible with all the features of the Google Editions format on Google Play. Here too, the advantages of being a Google Books partner is evident.

The Google Book Search Library Project - an enhanced card catalog of the world's books

Google Book Search Library Project makes it easier for authors to get relevant books to interested readers – without diminishing the author's copyright in any way.

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Google Book Search Library Project is making it easier for readers to find unique and specialized content that they would not be able to find under normal circumstance. Google's stated goal "is to work with publishers, authors, and libraries to create a comprehensive, searchable, virtual card catalog of all books... that helps users discover new books and publishers discover new readers." We find this an incredible use of the Google search engine technology - and its implication and impact for the self published author is significant. Here, the largest and most powerful search engine in the world, is offering to catalogue your product and make the bibliographic information available to the world.

Note that product the Library Project have different display parameters that those in the Google Book Search Partner Program listed above. Titles contained within the Library are not 'browseable' but rather are listed like in a traditional card catalog. The catalog shows users basic information about your book. Potentially, a few small sentences may present the users search term in context as it appears in your book. The reader will still be presented a e 'Buy this Book' link leading to sites where the user can purchase the book. In many cases the reader will be looking to purchase the e-book from the Google book store on Google Play.

The information on this page is meant to help clarify how Dog Ear Publishing utilizes the Google Book Search program and the Library Project- and how we feel it benefits every author. You may, of course, opt out of having your book listed with this program - either in it's entirety, or just presenting the Library content. If we may answer other questions about the Google Book Search program.