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Amazon is the world's second largest search engine. The Amazon Optimization Program maximizes product details, categories, keywords, and associations with related products so that new readers can more easily discover your book and authorship through Amazon and its affiliated platforms. After the service is complete, we'll even advise you on how you can further engage with these platforms to advance your book! 

Amazon Author Profile

Your profile introduces you to the broader Amazon community. We'll add expanded biographical information, an author photo, video content relating to you and your book, and any editorial reviews you’ve received. Your profile can be linked to your website, blog and social accounts. Moreover, your account will give you access to detailed sales data to know how your book is trending.


Goodreads is a community of book enthusiasts sharing what they're reading, making recommendations and curating lists of books that feed the particular interests of a wide range of readers. We’ll create or add your book to at least three lists vis-à-vis Listopia, grouping your book with dozens of similar and popular titles. Forming associations between your book and other top performing titles in its category exposes your book to new readers.


Behind the scenes search engines feed off other metadata to sort and rank books. The Amazon Optimization Program will apply appropriate keywords and categories for your books in all formats to help it perform better relative to competing books. 

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