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Why Dog Ear

Dog Ear Publishing is the best choice for creating a truly professional, quality custom book designed specifically for robust sales. Dog Ear is the only self-publishing company with the experience and staff to deliver the kind of services and support authors need for the greatest success.


Dog Ear Publishing is at least $300 less expensive than other self-publishing companies. See How We Compare


Dog Ear provides authors with the highest amount of profit per sale and the greatest opportunity to sell books. As a Dog Ear author, you set your own pricing and earn 100% net profit through any and every channel! See How to Calculate Your Profits


With over 50 years of traditional publishing experience, Dog Ear’s expert staff has the skills necessary to build a truly professional, custom book; as well as provide authors with effective book marketing tools that can sell more books! See Our Book Marketing Services

About Us

Founded in October, Dog Ear Publishing is the result of a beautiful collaboration between 3 veterans of the traditional publishing industry. Their combined 55+ years of traditional publishing experience brought Dog Ear to life with a unique perspective on the industry that competitors just don’t have and cannot buy.

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We know how difficult it can be to decide which self-publishing company is best for your book. Are all self-publishing companies the same? Read our in-depth reviews of the top self publishers and how they compare to Dog Ear.

Ways We Compare:

  • Contract Do you keep all your rights (even to the electronic production files used to print your book) and can you terminate your agreement at any time without penalty? Is the contract short and easy to understand. Our contract is right here.
  • Retail Price Can you set your own retail and wholesale terms? Dog Ear authors can.
  • Printing Costs Can you purchase copies of your own book at reasonable per unit print prices? Are you able to print your book using offset technology? Are there any hidden processing fees assessed on author orders? Dog Ear offers the most competitive pricing in the industry without order processing fees. We can also offer traditional printing for bulk orders.
  • Author Profit Dog Ear authors receive 100% NET PROFIT on EVERY SALE. How does this stack up against a publisher with a percent royalty profit structure?
  • Creative Control When we say custom we mean CUSTOM. Can you set your own design?
  • Personal Service Can you actually speak with someone who actually knows something about the book industry? Do you have access to "decision makers" that can make things happen for your book? How long has the person you are speaking to worked at the company.

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Featured Titles

Dog Ear authors have published professional-quality custom books that explore a wide range of topics in an equally wide range of reading categories, including Trade Fiction, Non-Fiction, Autobiographies, Self-Help, Cookbooks, Children's, Business, Academic Textbooks, Historical Works, Fiction, Short Story, Poetry Collections and much more.

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Author Testimonials

Whether it’s Trade Fiction, Non-Fiction, Autobiographies, Self-Help, Cookbooks, Children's, Business, Academic Textbooks, Historical Works, Fiction, Short Story, Poetry Collections or something more, every Dog Ear Author is a self-publishing success story. Find out why authors love Dog Ear Publishing by reading through these testimonials. Authors love Dog Ear, and we love our authors!

Many thanks to all of those at Dog Ear Publishing that were involved in making VictoryEmbraced a completed success! I am very impressed by Dog Ear’s professionalism, integrity and good eye for detail. I have received many compliments on not only the awesome design of the book cover, but also on the creativeness in laying out the website.

Dawn Marie Woroniak Victory Embraced

I worked with Dog Ear Publishing end to end. This was one of the smoothest processes I have gone through with anything in my life. Writing a book is difficult enough, publishing should not be. These guys made sure that publishing was the easiest part.

Richie Etwaru Corporate Awesome Sauce

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