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Getting positive reviews from reputable sources is a major way to increase your chance of discovery by retail buyers, entertainment industry insiders, literary agents and most importantly—readers. The Book Review Combo service through Dog Ear Publishing helps you amass reviews from some of the most respected and weighty opinions in the literary world, including Kirkus, BlueInk Review and Foreword/Clarion Review.

Dog Ear Publishing will counsel you on how and where these reviews can be used to maximize exposure for your book. These reviews will ultimately be syndicated through a variety of platforms beyond your physical book. Any review you receive through Dog Ear’s Book Review Combo service can be added to your book’s cover, marketing materials and website free of charge.

As an added benefit, Dog Ear Publishing will advertise your book through Ingram’s Advance, Children’s, or Christian catalogues if the book receives praise from reviewers included in the Book Review Combo service.

About the Reviewers:

Kirkus Reviews

Kirkus Reviews is one of the most trusted and authoritative voices in book discovery. They’ve been covering books published by major houses for more than 8 decades. They now offer this same review service for independent authors and publishers.

Dog Ear authors that receive positive reviews through the Dog Ear/Kirkus Program have the opportunity to appear in Kirkus Reviews magazine, which is read by librarians, booksellers, publishers, agents and journalists. Your review, if selected, may also be featured in the Kirkus email newsletter – distributed to more than 50,000 industry professionals and consumers. The most lauded of titles is eligible for the prestigious “starred review” designation. Kirkus will publish the review on their website.

BlueInk Review

Founded by a respected literary agent and an award-winning book review editor, BlueInk Review is the gold standard in reviews of self-published work. All BlueInk reviews are honest appraisals, written by professionals drawn largely from mainstream media outlets or editors who have worked at well-respected publishing houses.

If your work receives noteworthy praise, BlueInk’s service is designed to bring your work to the attention of readers and industry professionals. All BlueInk reviews are well-positioned on their website, and syndicated through both Ingram iPage and the Oasis database. With your approval, excerpts from your review can be posted under the editorial reviews section of your listing through B&N.; Select titles will also be featured in Publishing Perspectives, a newsletter to librarians, editors and booksellers, and through BlueInk social media.

Foreword Clarion Review

Foreword Clarion Review is the industry’s first fee-for-review service for independent and self-published work. True to their mission, Foreword Clarion connects your story with the hearts and minds of booksellers, librarians, and readers all of whom are excited to discover the next generation of indie literature. With permission, reviews are posted on the Clarion Foreword website and distributed and licensed through distributors and wholesalers such as Ingram, Baker & Taylor, Bowker, Cengage and EBSCO.

A Foreword Clarion review consists of three parts – all of which will play a role in a multi-pronged marketing effort. The top of each review will provide Clarion’s Money Quote, worded with active, dynamic language that can be lifted with ease for use on promotional pieces or a book’s cover. This is followed by a stand alone, one paragraph mini-review for online platforms with editorial review and/or excerpt sections. Lastly, Foreword Clarion will author a comprehensive critique of 400-500 words sparing no detail on style, plot, pacing, characters, and packaging. A star rating will be awarded to each title.

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