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From Status Quo to Creativity

Ijeoma Nwankwo

Pages: 170
ISBN: 978-145754-405-7
List Price: 19.99
Available: January
Edition: Perfectbound

In her first book, From Status Quo to Creativity, Ijeoma Nwankwo encourages her readers to push past complacency and strive for something greater. “The goal here,” she writes, “is to be bold while staying aware of the importance of creativity, which can advance you as an individual and add greater value to the overall work you take part in.”

Through a straightforward, step-by-step process, readers explore the keys to creativity, learn how to conquer everyday obstacles, and embrace innovation. With in-depth explanations on ROI, customer—unsung hero, automation, problem solving and SMART goals, From Status Quo to Creativity guides the reader through exercises designed to help everyone from beginners to experts dig deeper and reach higher.

For those looking to push ahead in the business world and break through the barriers of the mundane, Nwankwo has a powerful message: “You can do it!”