Self Publishing that actually makes sense.

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Start Small and Customize
• Custom Designs
• Full Distribution
• POD Availability
Start Smart!
• Professional Copyedit
• Design Customization
• Full Distribution
Promote with Purpose
• Targeted PR
• SEO Website
• Print Marketing Tools
Advanced Online Promotion
• Social Media
• Shopping Cart
• Full e-Book Suite
Our Full Spectrum Package
• Professional Copyedit
• Marketing Consult
• e-Book Distribution
• Pay-per-click Marketing

Dog Ear is $300 LESS EXPENSIVE than the Nearest "Discount Publisher".

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Set Your Own Pricing and Earn 100% Net Profit for EVERY Sale through EVERY Channel!

Crunch the Numbers

With over 50 years of experience, we've developed a process to produce truly custom books with tools to SELL.

Market Your Work
The Ultimate in Book Marketing Programs!

Discover the most innovative book marketing services in the industry

Set up your book in our Author Project System and receive our "7 Secrets of Great Book Marketing" - then call us to receive FREE financing too.

?You've put together a truly professional product with quality paper and clean printing.?
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Self Publishing has never been easier, faster or more profitable.

Until now, publishing a book was expensive, frustrating, and time consuming. You tried to find a literary agent who might or might not ever submit your manuscript to a book publisher. And a traditional publisher rejects nearly 98% of all book manuscripts. Those that do make it through the process? 70% FAIL in the market. Even having a traditional book publisher is no guarantee of success. But - Dog Ear Publishing has the answer for all writers wondering how to publish a book.

At Dog Ear Publishing, you can publish a book in about 12 weeks. You own the copyright and you are in control of how we publish your book. Our site is full of resources for self publishing, and we'll help you along your journey answering all your questions of how to publish a book, from book publishing basics to book marketing and selling. Need only self publishing printing? We can provide those services too.

We’re passionate and dedicated to helping you create, write and publish the book of your dreams!
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